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The BEST leaders are those that exhibit empathy and compassion for others.  They are those that never stop at searching for the BEST solutions.  They may fail today, but they learn from failure and they tackle fear head on.  Passionately, they elevate those around them to be their BEST.  Leaders are those who get the BEST from helping others.  How do you become the BEST leader?  We provide the workshops to teach leadership skills that will bring out the BEST from your employees.  Inspire, teach, lead and team-building skills are available to you today.

Looking at 2014

Looking at our past can be rejuvenating!!  As I evaluate my choices of 2014, many were made with vain intentions.  But is vanity wrong?  How can we become our BEST, if we do not look at ourselves and rediscover our strengths?  The road of success should be driven with a passenger. Questions: What can I do in 2015 that will help someone? What can I do in 2015 to enhance my community?  How can I better serve others in 2015?  Answering these questions with actions will help assure a prosperous 2015.  


Practice makes you yourBESTand being yourBESThelps you to become excellent.  Reading an article in "Business Insider," sums up my belief of being prepared. The article suggest that;
Numerous researchers now agree that 10,000 hours of practice as the minimum is necessary to achieve expertise in a complex domain.  This suggests that we all have remarkable capacity to influence our own outcomes.  One of Ericsson’s findings is that practice is not only the most important ingredient in achieving excellence, but also the most difficult and the least intrinsically enjoyable.

Adapting to changing times

It seems technology is moving at a record speed.  Automobiles are becoming more like computers.  Have you purchased a TV lately?  I recently did and I felt like I needed a course in all the new technological terms to make a good buying option.  Example LCD or LED, Plasma, HD, 1000x800 resolution TVs. All of those descriptions were foreign to me.  I did Google and research some of the meanings, but I still felt as if, I did not know enough to make a smart purchase. This is sometimes how new company software can feel to an employee.  I say embrace the change. Learn all you can about changes in technology on your job and at home.  Keep your technological skills up to date so you can have better career opportunities.  You are never too old to learn.  If your employer offers training on newly installed programs, take advantage of a free opportunity to learn new information.  Keep your skills sharp and always strive to learn more.  Computers are here to stay but the software is forever changing; don’t be afraid of change it can make you more knowledgeable which can land you that new position you have had your eye on. Now that you have embraced the change and have the knowledge, go get it!!

Prepare to be the BEST

Hey Everyone,
If you are looking for more clients, more career leads, or looking for a new job remember to always be prepared by carrying your business cardseverywhere.
TheBESTthings happen when people are prepared for success. So the next time you make a quick errand to the grocery store be prepared for yourBESTfuture. You could be standing in line with a potential customer or the supervisor of your nextgreatjob. Even if you are unemployed now, create business cards for the job you want.  Make sure to include all of your contact information including your email address.