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Prepare to be the BEST

Hey Everyone,
If you are looking for more clients, more career leads, or looking for a new job remember to always be prepared by carrying your business cardseverywhere.
TheBESTthings happen when people are prepared for success. So the next time you make a quick errand to the grocery store be prepared for yourBESTfuture. You could be standing in line with a potential customer or the supervisor of your nextgreatjob. Even if you are unemployed now, create business cards for the job you want.  Make sure to include all of your contact information including your email address.

"Saving My Energy to Celebrate the Joy that Comes in My Life."

Sure I can cry all day and night about how people have misused me.  I can tarry in self-pity and self-doubt and speak negatively about my situation.  I am over qualified and under paid, I am over worked and unappreciated, and I am exhausted and at times afraid.  Ok enough of that!  I chose to celebrate the joys that surround me each day.  I wake up every day with the pure expectation of; it will be better today.  I celebrate the fact that I was raised by a loving supportive family that extended outside of my single mom.

Updating Your Resume

When job searching, how often should you update your resume? Updating your resume should be done in collaboration with the potential job description.  Patten your resume description to read common information of the required dutes. You should always update your resume to reflect any changes in your contact info and or job descriptions.
Still not sure, let us help you tailor the resume to meet the job.  We want you to have your BEST resume.  Call today!

Dreams Into Reality

Tomorrow I will meet with a client to help him complete his application for his new business.  I have some expertise information to give him on ways to document his business in a professional manner.  This information will help him to earn business tax exemptions and more. Ms. BEST is here to help you.  Tell me your goals and I will make them happen for you.  My professional knowledge will assist you from making errors. Let's make an appointment today, to bring your dreams into reality.